22 points broadcast live Japan VS Poland Levin proves the spoiler H group qualifying situation


June 35th News June 28th, the final round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match continues, tonight at 22 o’clock the live broadcast of Japan against Poland. The game is related to the qualifying situation in Japan, and Poland who will be out early will also fight for honor. And this game will also become Lewan’s final proof battle. Can he lead the team to win the World Cup? Can he succeed in spoiling the situation in the H group? let us wait and see.



Two teams starting list forecast

Japan (4-2-3-1): 1 – Kawasaki Yonechi, 5 Yoshitomo Yuto, 3 – Masako Sources, 22 – Yoshida Mayo, 19 – Sakai Hiroki; 7 – Shibasaki Dake, 17 – Hase Vol. Makoto; 14 – Doko, 10 – Kagawa Shinji, 8 – Motokuchi Gen; 15 – Osamu Yuya

Poland (3-4-3): 1-Szczesny; 2-Pazdan, 5-Bednerek, 20-Pishchek; 13-Reebs, 6-Grassky, 10- Crichovich, 18-Beressinsky; 23-Kovnacki, 9-Lewandowski, 19-Zerinski

Japan has become an Asian seedling?

In Asia 5, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, and South Korea have all been out of the game. Japan has thus become an Asian team that may have entered the World Cup knockout round. At present, the Japanese team with 1 win and 1 draw in the 2nd round also firmly holds the initiative for advancement in their own hands, and the final war can be staged only with a draw against Poland. If Japan is lost to Poland, Senegal will win over Colombia. Japan can also qualify as a second team. In any case, the possibility of Japan going smoothly from this group is still very high.

  Out of Poland left and right H group qualifying?

The Polish group’s 1-2 defeat to Senegal before the 2nd match and the 0-3 defeat of Colombia were the seed teams that were eliminated from the first team in the World Cup. The poor performance of the Polish group match is hard to associate with the 8th in the world rankings, the 6th in Europe and the strongest in the group. After becoming the worst seed team in this World Cup, Poland will naturally choose to fight for honor. At the same time, the outcome of Poland’s match against Japan will, to a large extent, also determine the fate of the other three teams in this group. From this point of view, although Poland has already returned home in advance, they have judged the existence of the final in this group.

  Lewan needs urgent goals

Poland has one of the top centers in the world’s football world, Lewandowski, who was even considered a promising Golden Boot before the World Cup. However, in the first two rounds of games, Lewandowski’s state was sluggish and he suffered from criticism.

The last battle in the group stage was the last chance for the Polish striker. Did Lewandowski succeed in achieving self-redemption with goals? What is certain is that Lewandowski wants to score the first goal of the World Cup. The Bayern Falcon wants to use himself. The performance came for his own name.


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