“League Team Composition” Spanish 23 List and 2018 World Cup Live Schedule


News from June 5th, June 20th, the 2018 Russia World Cup will begin its opening match on the 14th, and Spain will start Portugal’s first match against the World Cup on the 16th. In Spain’s 23-man roster, there are 6 Real Madrid players and 4 Barcelona players, and the running team is simply a combination of the strong teams in each league. In addition, Chelsea striker Morata was not selected.



The 2018 World Cup in Russia is about to begin. The Spanish national team has announced the list of 23 people participating in the World Cup. Real Madrid has a total of 6 players on the list, and Barcelona has 4 people. On the frontline, Lopeticji selected Diego Costa, who had no ball to play in Chelsea during the first half of the season, and he performed well after returning to Atletico. At the same time, the defeated teammate Falcegas of Morata and the Arsenal guard Bellelin. Chelsea striker Morata missed the selection. The specific Spanish World Cup 23 list is as follows:

Forward: Assencio (Real Madrid), Lucas Vazquez (Real Madrid), Diego Costa (Atletico), Rodrigo (Valencia), Aspas (Celta)

Midfielders: Busquets (Barça), Saul (Atletico), Iniesta (Barça), Tiago (Bayern), Coquet (Atletico), David Silva (Man City), Isco (Real Madrid)

Defenders: Carvajal (Real Madrid), Adrioso Sora (Royal Society), Pique (Barça), Ramos (Real Madrid), Nacho (Real Madrid), Aspiriz Quetta (Chelsea), Al Barca, Monreal (Arsenal)

Goalkeepers: Degea (Manchester United), Kepa (Bilbao), Reina (Naples)

In this World Cup, Spain and Portugal, Iran, and Morocco are in Group B. From the perspective of strength, there should be no problem with the qualifying of the Spanish team. They will start the World Cup with Portugal on the 16th, followed by Iran on the 21st and Morocco on the 26th.


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