Hearts World Cup: Japan’s football legend Miura Shinji has aspirations not to be high


Beijing time January 26 hearing Japanese football has a legendary player, age 51 but still still riding in the green court, bent on participating in the World Cup. According to the “Nippon Sports” report, the Japanese football legend, 51-year-old is still playing professional league Miura Chihiro, said in an interview recently, the hearts of the World Cup, never forget the original intention.



 In 2018, it will be the 33rd season of Miura’s professional league. In response, he said, “I hope I can play one game after another and enter the ball one after another to contribute to the team.

” Talking about the upcoming World Cup in Russia this year, Miura knows how to play football. Enthusiasm, “The World Cup is my eternal dream, but now I do not have the level of the Japanese national team.

I will try hard to get close to this level. I will never give up my dream.” The 
  current Japanese football legend Miura Shinya has Renewed one year with J2 League team Yokohama FC. He recently participated in the first training session of the new season. 

The future may still be able to continue squandering on the battlefield in the green field for a few years, upholding his original intention until the day when he could not move.


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