2018 World Cup Champions predict that Brazil and Germany have less probability than this country


Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 3rd, for the 2018 World Cup prediction, the 2018 World Cup championship prediction is a hot topic in recent days. According to the Swiss football research institute CIES Football Observatory issued a prediction report for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, said that there is now a country that has lost Brazil and Germany in one fell swoop to become the highest probability of winning the World Cup! This country is not someone else, officially Spain.



The predictions for the 2018 World Cup winners have always been something that fans are happy to discuss. Most of them believe that Germany and Brazil are the only two candidates. Indeed, one is the winner of the previous World Cup, and the other is the reputation of a five-star Brazil.

However, according to the latest report from Swiss football research organization CIES Football Observatory, Spain has the highest probability of becoming the World Cup champion, with Brazil, France, Germany and England ranking second to fifth.

Comparing the level of national football clubs in various countries, Spain is the most indisputable first place. La Liga has two giants in Real Madrid Barcelona. The former is the first team to win the championship after the Champions League reorganization and this season has once again reached the finals. The latter has just won the double national championship and won the La Liga title seven times in ten years. In addition, Spain also has teams such as Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia. Atletico is even more a contender for the UEFA Champions League this season.

Evaluation basis ]

The criteria for this prediction include the team’s average age, average height, player’s country of birth, and country of effectiveness, and will eventually be integrated into two indicators. First of all, CIES is concerned about the frequency of national team players playing in their home matches, including league matches and cup matches. Second, the level of domestic clubs in the target countries has also become a major measure of the probability of winning titles.

For the first part of the evaluation criteria, CIES makes statistics on the frequency of appearances of national team players in the various events in the country, covering the time range from July 2017 to the present, and the institution will also conduct the competition level of the players’ clubs. survey. In the end, the 2010 South Africa World Cup champion Spain ranked first in this statistic. The Matador Legion stood 23 people in this World Cup qualifier and the frequency of domestic events was as high as 81.1%, surpassing Brazil and France.

Brazil ranked second ]

s the name with a western character more than 6? In any case, Spain scored first, and Brazil followed it with 78%, ranking second in the top five teams.

As for Germany, some intriguing thoughts are that Germany seems to have been forgotten, at least the rankings are just as general.


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