good news! Bitcoin for a 2018 World Cup Tour


April 25th, the network virtual cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been controversial, gold content once fell. But now with the 2018 World Cup or will create a different kind of good fortune. According to news from the Russian media, during the 2018 World Cup, fans can buy and buy through Bitcoin, whether they are housing or shopping! It’s just Bitcoin for a 2018 World Cup trip! !



A few weeks ago, the World Cup Organizing Committee announced that nearly 1.7 million tickets had been sold as of the end of the second phase of ticket sales. The last phase of Internet ticket sales began on April 18. From May 1 onwards, the remaining tickets will also be sold at the designated FIFA Venue Ticket Center.

Non-Russian residents can complete cross-border wire transfers after completing the “Ticket Application Form” downloaded from FIFA’s official website. The audience also needs to get a special “fan ID” to enter the stadium. According to the organizers, this measure will ensure the “comfort and safety” of the football field and allow fans to enjoy “free public transport” in places where Russia hosts multiple matches.

Seeing that the last opportunity is fleeting, fans with Bitcoin won’t be able to.

“Why not pay with cryptocurrency?” This is obviously a good question, so when Russian media raised such a problem with the organizing committee, the other party did not object. Bitcoin began to promote the World Cup in Russia. Tickets, accommodation, currency exchange – people will have many opportunities to use their own cryptocurrencies.


If you are looking for accommodation, a chain hotel in Kaliningrad supports bitcoin payments. This “Apartments Malina” hotel will be happy to collect the crypto currency from the guests. Need to exchange rubles? No problem – there has been a cryptocurrency exchange in Moscow, close to Kursky Vokzal, one of the main railway stations in Moscow.

Want to buy game tickets in Bitcoin? There is one method, but FIFA does not know yet. At present, at least two companies are providing such services through cards issued by well-known international payment vendors.


With the approach of the 2018 World Cup, more and more cryptocurrencies and football enthusiasts are watching whether they can use Bitcoin in Russia to purchase tournament tickets. Although the official did not give such purchase options, there are already some companies that have begun offering such services to people. Therefore, football fans who are about to go to Russia can not only use Bitcoin to stay in “Apartments Malina” in Kaliningrad, but also use it to purchase tickets and even exchange rubles.


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