Pele Pele: The Samba Army wants to revenge to see Neymar



April 17th The squadron suffered a German massacre in the last World Cup. Four years later, Pele was optimistic about Samba, but he said that Brazil would have to see Neymar if he wanted to succeed in revenge.


(WELLBET World Cup 2018)


Pele: The Russian World Cup will be a great opportunity for Neymar to be saved. Because in Brazil four years ago, both Neymar and the Spartan Army experienced a disaster and nightmare. It is well known that in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Neymar encountered opposition defender Suniga when he was in a confrontation with Colombia. He regretted his waist injury and said goodbye to the World Cup in advance. Not long after that, Brazil was baptized in Germany and the scene was appalling.


A blink of an eye came to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Pele Pele feels that Brazil has hope and the key point of hope is Neymar. “Nemball now has the chance to have a second World Cup. Everything that happens in the World Cup in Brazil is like a disaster for him.” Bailey said, “He was injured but he can’t help early and the Brazilian team is out of shame. I think this summer’s World Cup. For Neymar, it will be a great opportunity to get out of this pain. Neymar is a very good player. Let us see if he can lead the Brazilian team to the World Cup championship.”


Pele is optimistic about Neymar. Be optimistic about Brazil. “Everybody is very clear about the personal strength of Brazilian players. I think that Titter hasn’t had much time to adjust. In three months he will build a team that will play for the World Cup. But Titt is a very good player. The coach, although short-lived but I believe he can do well. With the strong personal ability of Brazilian players, no one will doubt the Brazilian team’s ability to enter the World Cup finals.”


He trusted Neymar as if he trusted Brazil. In fact, the performance of the Samba Army this year is indeed commendable, at least even the German team feel that the situation is not right.


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