The Red Devils began to dig for the corner

News From Wellsports:

March 12th Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills, at least in the World Cup 2018 can be locked in Messi certainly not a poor hand, and this has deeply attracted the Red Devils, According to the “Mirror” reports: Manchester United is watching Dortmund’s long-standing 29-year-old Greek defender Sokratis-Papastersophos.

Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills and has been selected for the Greek national team several times. Currently, he is worth around £20M. Papasterasopoulos once faced face-to-face with Lionel Messi on the stage of the World Cup and his performance was remarkable.

World Cup Sports Spook

Sokratis Papastathopoulos (June 9, 1988) was born in Kalamata, Greece. He is a Greek football player, a central defender and is currently playing for Dortmund Bundesliga. Sokratis Papastersopoulos has played for Over Heat Naia Football Club and Athens AEK Football Club.

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