Ronaldo does not think Tottenham deserved victory over Real Madrid

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed that Tottenham did not deserve to beat his side in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Zinedine Zidane’s teams poor run of form continues as they followed up their upset loss at the hands of Girona in the La Liga last weekend with a defeat against Spurs who scored through a double from Dele Alli and a goal from Christian Eriksen.
Ronaldo did manage to score late on during the match but it proved to be nothing more than a consolation as the final result reflected 3-1.
Ronaldo feels that his side did not deserve to lose and speaking after the game, he said: “It’s a bad time for us because we’re losing and we’re used to winning.
“It’s a bad patch for us, but we want to change it and I’m sure we will. This is the beginning, we still have a lot of time to improve and I’m convinced that we will.
“There’s been no harm done, but bad runs aren’t good and we have to change things. We have to admit that we aren’t as we’d like to be. I don’t see things to be so bad, but we have to be confident.
“Criticism? When you don’t win, people try to look for things, but I’m here talking, showing my face for my teammates, and I’m confident that things will change.
“Irritated on the pitch? It’s normal. When you’re losing, things don’t go the way you want them to and you want to help your teammates.
“It was a very big blow to go 3-0 down, although for me it wasn’t a good reflection of what happened on the pitch. Their first goal was offside, just like the other day. Our attitude is to run and fight, like it was at Girona.”

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