Premier League Highlights

The Premiere League matches over the weekend Week 6 September  24- 26 were filled with a lot of action, surprises, victories and defeats, and a couple of new heroes.

  • Arsenal totally annihilates Chelsea’s dismal performance 3-0
  • Manchester United continues their comeback  with an impressive 4-1  against Leicester City
  • Liverpool as well gave it their all with an outstanding  5-1 against Hull
  • Tottenham continues their excellent performance this season with another victory against Middlesbrough 1-2. Tottenham’s  Midfielder Son Heung-Min is “very happy” to have stayed with the team after 3 consecutive man-of-the-match performances in the Premier League
  • Burnley 2 – 0 Watford.  Jeff Hendrick scored his first goal for the club
  • Manchester City is still dominating with the League with yet another victory against Swansea 1-3. Will they continue their winning streak throughout this season? Let’s wait and sea.

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